TallyPrime - Basic

1.Introduction, Objective & Basis of Teaching Tally Prime. Parichay, sikhane ka uddeshya aur adhar
2.Definition of Accounting & other basic terms (for learning Tally Prime). Accounting ki paribhasha
3.Introduction of Double Entry System (for learning Tally Prime). Double Entry System kya hota hai ?
4.Definition of Account & types of accounts for learning Tally Prime. Account kya hai aur uske prakar
5.What are the golden rules of accounting (for learning Tally Prime) ? Accounting ke Golden rules
6.What is a journal,rules of journal entry & methods of manual accounting (for learning Tally Prime)?
7.What is a Ledger and how to post journal entries in it (for learning Tally Prime) ? Ledger kya hai.
8.What is trial balance & how to prepare it. (for learning Tally Prime) Trial balance kya hoti hai ?
9.What is a Trading and Profit & Loss account and How to make it (for learning Tally Prime) ?
10.What is Balance Sheet ? How to prepare it from Trial Balance (For learning Tally Prime in Hindi) ?
11.How to download & install Tally Prime latest version free on computer. Tally kaise download kare
12.How to activate new license in Tally Prime? Tally Prime me naya license kaise activate karen?
13.How to create a company in Tally Prime and start Tally, shut company and quit Tally. (In Hindi)
14.How to alter/modify/edit or delete a company as well as select and change company in Tally Prime
15.How to decide the right group with the help of List of Accounts while making ledger in Tally Prime ?
16.How to create a Ledger in Tally Prime ? (Tally Prime - Masters Creation), Ledger kaise banaye
17.How to create multiple ledgers & display them with groups in Tally Prime. (Masters Creation) Hindi
18.How to alter / edit / modify & delete ledgers in Tally Prime. (Tally Prime – Masters Alteration)
19.What are Source Documents, their definitions & uses in Tally Prime ? Source Documents - paribhasha
20.What are Accounting Vouchers and what is their use in Tally Prime ? Accounting Vouchers kya hai.
21.How to select the appropriate voucher for recording any transaction in Tally Prime (In Hindi)
22.What are Company Features (F11) & Configuration (F12) in Tally Prime and what is their use ? (Hindi)
23.What is Receipt Voucher in Tally Prime & how to record transactions in it ? Receipt Voucher kya hai.
24.What is Payment Voucher in TallyPrime and how to record transactions in it ?Payment Voucher kya hai 
25.What is Contra Voucher in Tally Prime and how to record transactions in it ? Contra Voucher kya hai?
26.What are stock groups & multi stock groups & their uses while maintaining inventory in Tally Prime ?