MS Excel 2016/13/10

01 Introduction
02 Solve Online Quiz on MS word, Excel & PowerPoint & Download Exercise & Exercise File
03 New,Open, Save & Save As
04 Cut,Copy & Paste
05 Find,Replace,Find Next & Replace All
06 Fonts,Font Size & Font Block Options
07 Using Undo & Redo Option
08 Using Border,Font Color & Fill Color options
09 Using Text Alignment & Indent Options
10 Using Orientation In Hindi
11 Using Format Painter
12 Using Wrap Text & Merge & Center Options
13 Formatting, Numbers Dates & time
14 Using Conditional Formatting In a Workbook
15 Using Format As Table & Cell  Styles Options
16 Insert & Delete Rows, Columns, Cells & Sheet
17 change Row height and Column width
18 Hide and Unhide option
19 Rename & Copy
20 Fill Months,Days,Date & Number
21 Using Sort & Filter Options
22 Mini Toolbar & Shortcut Menu
23 Using Quick Access Toolbar
24 Use of Status Bar to find sum, average etc
25 Remove Formatting, Comments & Hyperlinks using Clear Function
26 Sum, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication etc
27 Clipboard
28 Paste Special
29 Copy Conditional Format, Column Width Number Format By Paste Special
30 Paste Special to Transpose From Vertical to Horizontal
31 Data Validation Option For Whole Number & Error Alerts
32 Create Validation For Decimal Number & Other Data Option
33 Create Drop Down Menu & Set Character Limit
34 Limit For Date & Time Using Data Validation Option
35 Preventing Duplicate Entries & Allow Text / Numbers Only
36 How To Add Data Of Multiple Sheets & Workbook By Consolidate Option
37 Learn To Insert & Delete Image From Background Of Data 
38 How to Navigate Between Sheets of a Workbook using go to option
39 How To Use Print Option For Printing Worksheet & Setting Orientation/Margins
40 How To Print Title Or Heading On Every Page By Print Titles Option In MS Excel
41 How to use the LOOKUP Function
42 How To Use Vlookup Formula To Find Particular Data In Same/Different Workbooks

43 How To Check Column & Row Number Of A Cell By Column & Row Formula
44 How To Check Number Of Columns Or Rows In A Table Using Columns & Rows Formula
45 How To Get Multiple Results By Using Vlookup Formula For Single Time
46 Use Of Hlookup Formula To Find Data From Database In Same/Different Workbooks
47 How To Freeze & Unfreeze Multiple Rows And Columns
48 Generate Random Numbers Using Rand And Rand between Formula In Excel
49 Learn To Calculate EMI Using PMT Formula
50 Use of goal seek formula to know estimated down payment amount
51 How To Insert Chart & Change Its Color, Style Etc. In Microsoft
52 How to calculate interest & principal amount of loan using IPMT & PPMT function
53 How to use Averageif & Averageifs in MS Excel to calculate average based on different conditions
54 How to create template in MS Excel with font style, font size, alignment etc. of your choice
55 How to use COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS formula in MS Excel ? (Hindi)
56 How to remove different types of formula errors in MS Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007? (Hindi)
57 How to use concatenate formula and "&" sign to combine data of 2 or more cells in Excel (Hindi)
58 How to change case (upper, lower, proper) and concatenate text at same time
59 How to use FV formula to calculate future value of an investment
60 How to protect a complete worksheet or a part of worksheet with password
61 How to use clean formula in MS Excel for removing non-printable characters from data
62 How to calculate running total in MS Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007 using Sum Formula
63 How to split full name to first and last name in microsoft excel? (Hindi)
64 How to use Dsum in MS Excel to add numbers of particular column based on a condition
65 How to use Dget in Excel to search a record from a database according to a condition
66 How to use Daverage in MS Excel to find average of a data of a column based on condition. (Hindi) 65